VH-UML  Airco D.H.9                          


                                     From the collection of Neil Follett comes this rare shot of an ancient D.H.9 which was used by
                                     the Queensland Aero Club from October 1929 until it pranged at Archerfield on 16 August 1932.
                                     It was named "Albatross" (possibly because of its all-white finish?).   Originally built as D3220 for
                                     the RAF it went to the RAAF as A6-21 in the early 1920s.      Interesting in that it has retained its
                                     military roundels, allowing that this shot is purported to be have been taken circa 1931. 
                                     VH-UML was written off in a crash at Archerfile in August 1932.