VH-UMF   Avro 618 Ten                                   (c/n 241)  

                                       The above nice image is from the John Hopton collection.   The Avro Ten (8 passengers plus two
                                       crew) was, in fact, the Fokker F.VIIB/3m built under license by the A.V. Roe concern.  14 were
                                       built in all, five of  which were purchased by Charles Kingsford Smith (later Sir) and Charles Ulm
                                       to inaugurate their  " Australian National Airways" in 1930.    These aircraft were:                                                                  
                                                                               VH-UMF  c/n 241  "Southern Cloud"
                                                                               VH-UMG       230  "Southern Star"
                                                                               VH-UMH       229  "Southern Sky"  
                                                                               VH-UMI         231  "Southern Moon"
                                                                               VH-UNA        388  "Southern Sun"
                                     There was also another "true" Fokker F.VIIa/3m registered to Australian National Airways Ltd at
                                     the time, which was, of course, probably the most famous historic Australian aircraft ever, namely
                                     Kingsford Smith's VH-USU "Southern Cross"
                                     The Australian National Airways mentioned here, incidentally, was a different company than the
                                     airline later to adopt that name in 1936.  This ANA folded in mid-1931 following the loss of the
                                     aircraft seen above, "Southern Cloud" (VH-UMF) which crashed in the Toolong Mountain range
                                     on March 21, 1931, on a flight from Sydney to Melbourne.
                                     The photo below, from my own scrapbook, shows Smithy (hand on hip) in front of -UMF with a
                                     1928 Triumph Super Seven motor car.   Kingsford Smith dabbled, later, in the production of the
                                     short-lived Southern Cross car, the brilliant adventurer having designed the 65 bhp horizontally-
                                     opposed 4-cylinder sv engine which went into these machines.  (Less than a dozen were built,
                                     I believe).