VH-UMB Airco D.H.9                              (c/n [D3017] )


                                        This image of -UMB, from the Frank Walters collection (via Geoff Goodall) looks like a news-
                                        paper reproduction.  It is, however, the only shot of this D.H.9 I have been able to glean.    The
                                        aircraft was ex-RAAF A6-11 and was civilianized in September 1929  for the Civil Aviation
                                        Branch, Department of  Defence to be used by the Australian Aero Club (Victoria Section).  
                                        This photo was taken at Essendon circa 1930.      The Airco was somewhat odd in that, in 1930,
                                        it had been modified to 4-seater status with one passenger in front of the pilot and two behind.
                                        It would appear that, in this image, the conversion had been made. Its CofR lapsed in September
                                        1932 and it was struck off the register.