VH-ULV  Waco 10T                                        (c/n  A.100)

                                       Developed from the docile 'Waco Ten' the Model 10T Taperwing transformed the aircraft into a
                                       truly sportsman-pilots dream machine.  This aircraft was originally registered to Aircrafts Pty Ltd
                                       of Archerfield, Brisbane in August 1929.   It was sold to Holden's Air Transport Services Ltd in
                                       Salamaua, New Guinea in October 1931.  The above blurred image from the Frank Walters coll-
                                       ection shows it at that locale sometime after its arrival.    I suspect that the image below, from the
                                       State Library of Queensland collection, predates the one above and depicts the aircraft at Archer-
                                       field in its original livery.  The caption does not identify the three gentlemen, but one was almost
                                       certainly Ron Adair, founder of Aircrafts P/L.  (After advancing to scheduled passenger flights, the
                                       airline became Queensland Airlines in 1949).   Note rego applied under the cockpit allowing space
                                       on the fuselage for the Waco logo.   Anyway, VH-ULV then spent its whole life in New Guinea
                                       and in 1936 was sold to J.W. Williams of Fly River, Papua and then to Stephens Aviation of Wau
                                       in mid 1937.   Later that year it forced landed in a swamp, but by 1939 had been rebuilt. VH-ULV
                                       was one of the aircraft destroyed by a Japanese air attack on Salamaua, New Guinea on 21 January
                                      1942.   (The Nips probably thought it was a deadly P-6 or something of that nature!).