VH-ULS  Dornier Do  A Libelle                     (c/n  103A)


                                     A rare Frank Walters collection of a Dornier Libelle (Dragonfly) on Sydney Harbour circa 1929.
                                     (Possibly Pyrmont, pre-bridge days?).   The diminutive flying boat (see adjacent D.H.60 on floats)
                                     was designed as early as 1921 by Dr. Claudius Dornier as a sport/trainer aircraft and had accomm-
                                     odation for pilot and two passengers .. It was a parasol wing monoplane of metal construction and
                                     with the well-proven Dornier pontoon floats.        The aircraft featured a folding wing set and was
                                     originally powered by a 80 hp Seimens-Halske Sh 5 engine.        -ULS, however, had a 104 hp
                                     Cirrus Hermes installed which doubtless gave it a somewhat better performance.  The little Libelle
                                     was originally to have been purchased by Mandated Territory Airlines, but this sale did not go
                                     through and the machine was acquired by General Aircraft Co Ltd of Mascot who then sold it to
                                     Port Jackson Aviation Co. Ltd  in April 1930.    Its CofA lapsed in May of 1931 and it was sold
                                     to the British Solomon Islands.