VH-ULL  de Havilland D.H.60M Moth                  (c/n   712)


                                        Too bad that the Adelaide Advertiser did not picture the whole aircraft when
                                        they decided to run, as a 10 September 1929 news story, the fact that VH-ULL
                                        had just joined the SA Section of the Australian Aero Club   The photo was
                                        courtesy of the Vacuum Oil Co, and I am wondering if, perhaps, the news-
                                        paper cropped the original print?  Certainly I would like to be able to present
                                        a better image, but, due to the short life of this machine, that is probably not
                                        going to happen.  VH-ULL was the first Metal Moth to join the SA Club, and
                                        was registered on 30 August 1929.  Unfortunately it didn't last long, crashing
                                        at Modbury, SA a scant three months later (on 16 November 1929) and being
                                        officially written off in December of that year.