VH-ULG  de Havilland D.H.50J               (c/n  [QANTAS]   7)


                                   Qantas built four D.H.50As and three 450 hp Bristol Jupiter Mk IV radial engined powered
                                   DH.50Js under licence from de Havillands.         VH-ULG was the last one, and was named
                                   'Hippomenes'..  First flown in August 1928, VH-ULG was operated by the airline until 1935
                                   when it was sold to Eric J. Stephens in Wau, New Guinea for his Stephen's Air Transport.  It
                                   crashed on landing at Chimbu, New Guinea in November 1937.  The photos above and below
                                   were received from Qantas in the 1940s and appear to have been taken circa 1928.      At the
                                   foot of the page is an image from the John Hopton collection.