VH-UJG  Avro 594 Avian Mk IIIA             (c/n  R3/CN/185)

                                               This truly horrible illustration (although 'better than nothing') was gleaned by the indefatigable
                                               Graeme Parsons from the 'Queenslander Illustrated Weekly' dated  5 September 1929  The
                                               Avian had taken part in the 3rd Aerial Derby at Brisbane's Eagle Farm Airport on 31 August
                                               1929.   This aircraft was first registered to Aircrafts Pty Ltd on 17 December 1928, and was
                                               fitted with the wings and undercarriage of a Mk.IV Avian.   Following a couple of other owners
                                               in Queensland its CofA lapsed in November 1934 and it was struck off the register a month
                                               later (on 28 December 1934).   Interesting is the fact that most aircraft were not re-registered
                                               as VH- until 1930.  Clearly -UJG had undergone that treatment considerably earlier.