VH-UIL   Avro 594  Avian Mk IIIA                  (c/n  R3/CN/146)

                                        The above photo is from the Frank Walters collection (via Geoff Goodall) and was taken at Camden,
                                        NSW in 1939.   Considering that this Avian was on the register from 1928 until it was scrapped in
                                        1946, one would think that there would be many photos of it around.    They are, however, few and
                                        far between. The shot below is from the Mac Job collection (via the CAHS) showing it in a two-tone
                                        paint job.   No narrative as to who the children were.  Below that is a reproduction from the Sydney
                                        Morning Herald of  5 March 1937 and the caption accompanying it indicated that the aircraft lost a
                                        wheel during a training flight and neither the instructor (S/L D. Stodart) nor the pupil were aware of it. 
                                        The aircraft turned over upon landing.        The mini image at the foot of the page is from the National
                                        Library of Australia collection showing it as part of a line up for an Aerial Derby, circa 1935.   The
                                        aircraft on its right is the Alexander Eaglerock A-2 VH-UGK. 
                                        This Avian was originally imported in September 1928 by Aicrafts Pty Ltd of Brisbane who
                                        were Avian distributors at the time.  It was sold to Charter Wing Ltd of Brisbane two months later.
                                        After 1931 it spent all of its time in NSW with several different owners and was owned by Central
                                        Flying School during the war and was reduced to salvage in June 1946..