VH-UHP  de Havilland D.H.60X Moth                     (c/n  877)


                                     The only images I have been able to glean for -UHP are the head-on one (above) from the Frank
                                     Smith collection (via John Hopton) taken at Essendon circa late 1930s, and the lower one where
                                     it is seen as a background machine in a repeat of the shot I used for VH-UHS.   Originally a Civil
                                     Aviation Branch (Dept of Defence) club aeroplane assigned to the Victorian Section, it eventually
                                     wound up with the Royal Victorian Aero Club.   It had several interesting accidents.   On 29 July
                                    1935 it was involved in a mid-air collision with the Moth VH-UAS resulting in a broken propellor. 
                                     In another mid-air collision on 2 February 1936 its top wing was severly damaged when it collided
                                     with VH-UII (another Moth).  Finally, on 5 June 1937 it collided with yet another Moth, VH-ULB
                                     (no details on this one).    Despite its propensity  for banging into things it was, nevertheless, impress-
                                     ed into RAAF service during WW II and was assigned the serial A7-100.    However, and perhaps
                                     fortunately for the local intake of student pilots at Essendon, it was  it was reduced to produce a
                                     couple of months afterwards ( in September 1940),