VH-UHE  de Havilland D.H.50A                           (c/n  [QANTAS]  4)


                                     Qantas built four D.H.50As and three Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar radial engined powered
                                     DH.50Js under licence from de Havillands.   This 50A was issued its CofA in May 1928 as
                                     G-AUHE and given the name 'Atalanta'.     The registration had been changed to VH-UHE
                                     by August of 1930.  However, at the foot of the page is a lo-res pre-1930 shot of it from the
                                     CAHS Archives (B. Dobbie collection) showing it still as G-AUHE.  This aircraft was written
                                     off in a crash 10 miles south-east of Winton, Queensland on 3 October 1934.     The historic
                                     shot (below) from the National Library of Australia collection, shows -UHE arriving at Bris-
                                     bane on 8 May 1931 after the first Townsville to Brisbane Air Mail flight.  Pilot was L.J. Brain.