VH-UGQ  Miles M.2F Hawk Major                        (c/n  212)


                                          This Hawk Major was acquired by the Rev H.V. "Sheppy" Shepherdson of Darwin in May
                                          1936.    A scant six months later it crashed at Groote Eylandt in the Northern territory and
                                          was essentially written off.    Moved to Brisbane, it was destroyed in the disastrous Qantas
                                          hangar fire at Archerfield on 28 June 1939.     The three low resolution images (above and
                                          below) were gleaned from the H.V. Shepherdson collection of the Northern Territory Library.
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                                          behind the site is to preserve (hopefully forever) the rich heritage of both Australian and world
                                          aviation history in a pictorial form.     My limited budget, therefore, does not allow me to pur-
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                                          copy of any of these rare photographs should contact the Northern Territory Library directly.   
                                          Incidentally, in the photo below the gentleman standing in beside -UGQ and in front of the
                                          C Series International Wagon was the Rev. Harry Griffiths.