VH-UGC  Stinson SR-7B                                 (c/n  9668)


                                         A prohibited registration at the time of its original sequence (1927), the marking VH-UGC was
                                         allotted to this Stinson of Guinea Airways in 1936.  It had been purchased, along with VH-URC
                                         in June of that year.  The above image was taken from a publication I found in my father's papers
                                         and depicts the aircraft at Wai Wai, circa 1938 whilst it was being used in support of US and
                                         Dutch surveyors in the west of the Mandate (in what is today Irian Jaya).  The image below, from
                                         the Geoff Goodall collection, shows it in New Guinea, probably at Wau, in the 1930s. VH-UGC
                                         was one of those aircraft destroyed on the ground by Japanese fighters in January of 1942, prob-
                                         ably at Salamaua.