VH-UEK  de Havilland D.H.50A                        (c/n  131)


                                   This aircraft was probably owned by Larkin Aircraft Supply Co when this photograph was taken,
                                   although the original Armstrong Siddeley Puma engine had been replaced by the Bristol Jupiter XI
                                   which it has up front in the photo above.    The image is from the John Oxley Library, State Library
                                   of Queensland collection.  I have no idea who the worthies were or, in fact, what the machine was
                                   doing in Queensland, since LASCO was strictly a Melbourne outfit.   At the foot of the page is a
                                   small print from the Horrie Miller collection, courtesy of the National Library of Australia showing
                                    -UEK following an accident.  As can be seen, at that time it still had its original Puma engine.   It
                                   obviously was not seriously damaged for it was repaired, re-engined and eventually sold to Pacific
                                   Aerial Transport Co Ltd (PATCO) in October of 1935.       It is possible that the above shot was
                                   taken while the machine was transiting Melbourne to Wau, New Guinea.  It suffered a crash landing
                                   at Wau, New Guinea in May of 1936 and when its CofA came up for renewal later that year it was
                                   allowed to expire.   Below is a newsprint image and excerpt (gleaned by Graeme Parsons) from the
                                   Sydney Morning Herald of 11 May 1925 relating to G-AUEK and stating:  "Mr E W Timeke assistant
                                   State Meteorologist left Mascot aerodrome on Saturday in the Australian aerial service’s mail and
                                   passenger machine, ’Bluebird’ for Adelaide, the object being to ascertain temperatures & air pressure
                                   at great altitudes".