VH-UDY  Ford 4-AT-E                              (c/n  4-AT-61)


                                       This Ford Tri-motor was built as NC9768 and then went to the U.K. in 1931 as G-ABEF.   It was
                                       acquired in 1935 by Holden's Air Transport Services Ltd of Salamaua, New Guinea, and eventually
                                       transferred to Guinea Airways in 1937.   I am indebted to Ian Mackenzie for this nice shot from the
                                       Daryl Mackenzie collection showing it landing at Bulolo circa 1936.     With the advent of WW II
                                       the Ford was impressed into service with the RAAF as A45-2.     It fell victim to a Japanese strafing
                                       attack on 13 March 1942 and was destroyed.