VH-UAX  Waco UIC                                                   (c/n  3749)

                                        The Model UIC embodied many improvements over earlier Model Cs.  The 210 h.p. Continental
                                        radial was tightly helmeted and the cabin top was glazed allowing good rear vision.     Note rather
                                        odd rear cabin window treatment.   Some 70 were built.    I am not sure which of the photos above
                                        and below show the original livery, but I suspect the top one, from the Frank Walters collection pre-
                                        dates the Geoff Goodall collection photo below, since its livery is the same as the two photos at
                                        the foot of the page showing the Waco in its U.K. rego,   Both photos here were taken at Archerfield
                                        in the 1930s, the aircraft having been brought in for Aircrafts Pty Ltd., a forerunner of Queensland
                                        Airlines. Ex G-ACGJ, the aircraft had originally been delivered to the U.K. in 1933.   It is seen in its
                                        U.K. rego in shot # 3 from the John Oxley Library collection at the State Library of Queensland.
                                        Finally, at the foot of the page is a reproduction from my John Player & Sons cigarette card album
                                        set entitled "An Album of Aeroplanes (Civil)".    VH-UAX  crashed near Brisbane in May of 1942
                                        and was not repaired.   It languished at Archerfield until 1947 when it was struck off the register.