VH-UAS  de Havilland D.H.60 Moth                           (c/n  367)


                                     The tail on the right is that of VH-UAS.  This newspaper clipping was unearthed by Graeme Parsons.
                                     On 20 July 1937 this Moth, along with VH-UHP was leading in an air race held by the Victorian Aero
                                     Club on a closed circuit course from Essendon.        VH-UAS was being flown by William H. Zacher,
                                     owner of a ladies' hairdressing salon in Melbourne,  whilst -UHP's pilot was Theodore H.B. Allen of
                                     South Yarra.  On the final turn, some mile and a half west of the Commonwealth munitions factory at
                                     Maribyrnong, Zacher dived to obviate 'cutting the corner' and came up under -UHP whose prop
                                     severed his tail plane causing it to crash.     Allen was able to force land, but Zacher unfortunately lost
                                     his life.  The Argus newspaper report of the 22nd of that month reports that souvenir hunters virtually                       
                                     stripped the remains of -UAS after the crash .  I suspect that the photo of the tail above was taken
                                     back at Essendon where both machine had been taken.  -UHP's prop can be seen to be cropped.