VH-UAQ  de Havilland D.H.60X Moth                      (c/n  540)


                                   The D.H.60X was the 1929 model and was powered by the 80 h.p. Cirrus II engine.  This one
                                   was not actually imported until the end of 1932 and, as such, was never registered in the G-AU
                                   series.   Owned by the Civil Aviation Branch of the Department of Defence it appears never to
                                   have been loaned to any section of the Australian Aero Club, being relocated to the CAB itself
                                   at Melbourne in 1936.  In 1939 it was sold for a tender price of 210 quid to the Royal Queens-
                                   land Aero Club in whose tail stripes it appears here in this nice image from the John Oxley Library,
                                   State Library of Queensland collection.   In May of 1939 it was re-engined with a D.H. Gipsy I
                                   engine and, as such, theoretically became a D.H.60G.   It, along with many other Moths was im-
                                   pressed into RAAF service in 1940.  It was assigned the serial number A7-85, although crashed
                                   at Archerfield in July 1941 and was reduced to spares.