G-AUJJ    Sopwith Dove                              (c/n   W/O 3004/4)


                                      This rare print was submitted by Kevin OReilly of Nhill, who acquired it from a Swan Hill source.
                                      G-AUJJ was another 'out-of-sequence' registration, being issued on 28 June 1921 and using its
                                      ex UK rego of G-EAJJ with minimum change.  The Sopwith Dove was a 2 seat civilian variant of
                                      the Sopwith Pup. Ten were built. This one was imported by Larkin Aircraft Supply Co Ltd (Lasco)
                                      of Coode Island, Melbourne.    The Larkin brothers started up after WW I as an agency for Sop-
                                      with aircraft.  G-AUJJ was operational until June of 1925 when its CofR lapsed and was never