G-AUJF  Avro 594 Avian Mk. IIIA                               (c/n R3/CN/184)


                                  First registered to Aircrafts, Pty Ltd of Brisbane in 1928, the original of the above photo (from the
                                  Frank Walters collection) was signed by Ron Adair, the founder of that company. Later to become
                                  an airline operator, the company was originally an aircraft dealer and had, I believe, the Avian
                                  dealership in Queensland.     The above picture was taken on a beach in Queensland.  Possibly on
                                  the same beach and around the same time, but surrounded by a crowd of well-wishers, is the image
                                  below from the John Oxley Library, State of Queensland collection.   Ron Adair sold the aircraft
                                  off the following year to a private party in Bundaberg.            In 1935 it went to the Mackay Aero
                                  Syndicate       It was destroyed in a hangar fire in September 1937, although its CofA had already