G-AUJB  de Havilland D.H.61 Giant Moth                              (c/n   334)


                                    Identifiable in the two Qantas shots (above and immediately below) by its name, "Apollo", this
                                    Giant Moth had been incorrectly marked "G-AUJD" when it first arrived on 17 April of 1929.
                                    It flew for a week before anyone noticed and it was repainted as "G-AUJB".   The rare shot
                                    (# 3 below), taken from 'The Queenslander' journal dated April 1929 (and via the John Oxley
                                    Library collection) clearly shows the aircraft incorrectly marked.    It was probably wearing the
                                    incorrect rego in the shot above seen loading mail at Archerfield for inaugural run to Cloncurry.
                                    Incidentally, the real VH-UJD was a Junkers W.35b.     VH-UJB was sold in New Guinea in
                                    1935 and was stricken from the register after it crashed near Mubo in that Territory on 9 May
                                    1938.   At the foot of the page is newspaper shot extracted by Graeme Parsons from the Brisbane
                                    Courier of 7 March 1931 showing the, by then, VH-UJB outside the new Qantas hangar
                                    at Archerfield, at that time the largest steel hangar in Queensland.