G-AUJA as G-EBXR  Airco D.H.9c                         (c/n  [H9276} )


                                           This rare photo of the D.H.9 G-EBXR was taken at Lae, New Guinea and is from the Frank
                                           Walters collection, via Geoff Goodall.  The aircraft was imported into Australia in November
                                           1928 for J.R. Taylor, whose Taylor and Ross Air Transport flew out of that PNG locale. 
                                           Whether it was ever actually repainted G-AUJA or not is not known, since it forced landed
                                           into the sea off  Salamaua, New Guinea slightly under a year later on 2 November 1929.
                                           My research has shown that several of these early machines, particularly those in New Guinea,
                                           were never repainted.   Note c/n of D.H.9s is their RAF serial number.