VH-UHK  Avro 594 Avian Mk III                             (c/n  R3/CN/120)


Clearly I have managed to unearth a plethora of images of this Avian.  The above shot of was taken
                                   at Mascot in front of the Adastra Airways hangar by Jason Hassard, a pilot with New/ England Air-
                                   ways and Airlines of Australia who went on to log among the world's highest pilot flying time on
                                   Douglas aircraft.   This image is courtesy of the John Hopton collection.    Photograph # 2 below is
                                   from the Fairfax collection, via the NLA, and shows the aircraft (as G-AUHK) having its prop swung
                                   at Mascot when it was still with the Australian Aero Club (NSW Section) as 'Rouseabout' .  Image
                                   No.3 from State Library of New South Wales archives is part of the A.J. Perier photographic collection
                                   and depicts the Avian being presented to said club on 7 July 1928.      The name 'Rouseabout''  came
                                   about since it was donated by J.J. Rouse, the manager of Kodak (who was, in fact, Perier's employer).
                                   The personages are, from left:   Charles Ulm, J.J.Rouse, Capt. G. F. Hughes, Charles Kingsford Smith
                                   and an unknown gentleman.    The National Library of Australia image (# 4) shows a close-up of  the
                                   name and presentation details on the nose of the Avian.  After its disposal by the club in July 1931 (a
                                   few days before I was born, incidentally) it had a succession of owners (and accidents) in NSW finally
                                   winding up with the College of Civil Aviation at Mascot in 1940.  It was struck off the register in January
                                   1941  Shot # 5 shows a a full side image extracted from the Adelaide Advertiser of 7 July 1928 showing
                                    it on the day of its presentation by J.J. Rouse. . Photo # 6 was taken by Keith Virue and was sent by
                                    Bruce Robinson, a nephew of Keith's.  Personages and venue unknown.   Finally at the foot of the page
                                    (# 7) is a crash scene culled from the Sydney Morning Herald of 30 July 1929 when -UHK came to
                                    grief when flying in thick fog near Wentworth Falls.   It was, as indicated above, repaired and went on
                                    to enjoy a long and colorful history.