G-AUHF     de Havilland D.H.60X Moth                     (c/n  406)

                                  Another "better than nothing" image gleaned from the pages of the Adelaide Advertiser for 14 July
                                  1928 following its crash at Alexandria, NSW on the 9th of that month.  As Graeme Parsons, who
                                  researched it states "odd that the accident appeared not to have been written up in the Sydney
                                  Morning Herald"    Anyway, G-AUHF was first registered to de Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd of
                                  South Melbourne on 19 April 1928.   It was then sold to E.F. Rule of Sydney on 13 June 1928
                                  only to see it prang a scant five weeks later!        The caption with the newspaper image above
                                  indicates that "This Moth airoplane (sic) stalled at 1000 ft and nose dived at about 400 ft and
                                  crashed into a paddock near Sydney.  The pilot, Mr. John Ruckeridge and the passenger Mr.
                                  Walter Gaddum, a New Zealand farmer, who was having his 1st flight, were severely injured".
                                  The wreck was sold to J.E. O'Connor of Homebush, NSW who rebuilt it and secured a new
                                  CofA for it on 28 August 1929.  Clearly this bird was jinxed, for it crashed again at Gerringong,
                                  NSW on 16 November 1929, and this time was written off.