G-AUHA  de Havilland D.H.60X Moth               (c/n  426)


                                            This image is from the Adelaide Regiuster-News Pictorial for 15 February 1929, even though the
                                            aircraft had crashed at Marulan, NSW on 11 February of that year.  The Sydney Morning Herald
                                            had a story about it in their 12 February edition, but ran no picture!     The aircraft had arrived at
                                            Goulburn at 08.00 hrs and was to continue on to Sydney.  The weather was deteriorating and the
                                            two occupants, Capt. E.W. Cornish, owner of the machine and his pupil, G.K. Wride were advised
                                            by Capt. Matheson, an instructor with the Goiulburn Aero Club, not to continue the flight..  Never-
                                            theless Cornish elected to carry on and evidently Wride was in control when the aircraft, flying at
                                            around 100-150', nose dived onto a stony ridge three miles from Marulan.   Both aviators died of
                                            their injuries and the aeroplane was "reduced to a tangled mass of wreckage".  Despite this is was
                                            rebuilt by Genaircos and became VH-ULH.
                                            G-AUHA had originally been sold, new, to J. Rosenfeld of Sydney in March 1928 and he had
                                            sold it to Capt. Cornish in November of that same year.