G-AUGR  Ryan B-1 Brougham                (c/n   unknown)


                              This rare shot comes from the Civil Aviation Historical Society (CAHS) and depicts a Ryan
                              Brougham which was imported into New Guinea in March 1928.  It was operated by Airgold Ltd,
                              and the fuselage legend reads 'Gold Air Transport Co Ltd / Salamaua / New Guinea.  Presumably
                              in support of the precious metals mining operations which got under way in that vast mineral-rich
                              territory in the late 1920s.  The aircraft was named 'L'Oiseau de Tropicale' ('Tropical Bird') and
                              unfortunately only lasted a scant six weeks, landing in the sea on approach to Lae Airport, New
                              Guinea. on 23 April 1928.   The above shot is a close up of the entire image, presented below,
                              showing the typical (and exotic) airport terminal of the period.  (Many PNG terminals aren't a lot
                              different today!).