G-AUFS   Airco DH.9                                                   (c/n  [N9340])


                                     A rare shot from the Len Dobbin collection, via the Civil Aviation Historical Society archives of an
                                     ex WW I DH.9, first registered to Matthews Aviation in Melbourne in March 1927.  It was sold
                                     later that year to Bululo Goldfields Aeroplane Services Ltd and shipped to New Guinea.     It then
                                     went to Morlae Airlines in 1929 and Pacific Aerial Transport in 1931.     Just when the above shot
                                     was taken is not stipulated.      The ancient machine apparently was repainted as VH-UFS some-
                                     where around 1932 although by October of 1934 its CofA lapsed and was never renewed. .