G-AUFP  Avro 504K                              (c/n  PL.6110)


                                  This image is from the Kevin OReilly collection.  The inscription associated with it indicates
                                  the photo was taken at Wycheproof in 1928 when the machine was owned by Keith Farmer.
                                  It was originally imported by Larkin Aircraft Supply Co. Ltd of Melbourne in 1923 being
                                  ex G-EAFP.   In January 1927 it crashed at Wallacedale, Victoria and was struck off the
                                  register.  It was then rebuilt by Matthews Aviation at Essendon.   At some later time it was
                                  fitted with a 100 hp Sunbeam Dyak.   Unfortunately the definitive rego cannot be discerned
                                  on this photograph, although can just be made out on the original print. G-AUFP had a CofR
                                  renewal in 1932 although whether it actually was repainted as VH-UFP is unknown.  It was
                                  withdrawn from use in 1934 when its expired registration was never renewed.