G-AUFO  Wackett Widgeon I     

                               This registration was never used.    There was only one Wackett Widgeon Mk I and this
                               ultimately became G-AUKB (although it was painted G-AEKB - q.v.).   The page in the
                               Civil Aircraft Register ledger at Henty House in Melbourne when I transcribed the VH-
                               civil register back in 1952 or 53 (can't remember exactly) merely stated that G-AUFO
                               was "transferred to the RAAF".   When the Widgeon was finally put on the civil register
                               (it was, after all, basically a military machine) instead of retaining the already assigned
                               G-AUFO it assumed the identity of G-AEKB, for the then Minister of Defence, (which
                               also included Civil Aviation), E. K. Bowden, even though this rego which was completely
                               out of  sequence for either the U.K.or Australian registers at the time.   (To somewhat
                               compensate for this it was offically given the allocation G-AUKB).