G-AUFD  de Havilland D.H.50A                     (c/n  [WAA 1])


                                      Two "better than nothing" images of G-AUFD.  The one above was gleaned from the Perth
                                      Western Mail of 30 December 1926 and shows -UFD disembarking passengers at Maylands
                                      aerodrome.    The shot below is reputed to be -UFD and is from the State Library of WA
                                      archives.   This D.H.50A was first registered on 1 December 1926 to Western Australian
                                      Airways.   Soon after its acquisition by the airline it had its 230 hp Siddeley Puma engine
                                      replaced by an ADC Nimbus.    The aircraft was written off when it crashed at Geraldton,
                                      WA on 23 December 1929.