G-AUEU   Airco D.H.9                    


                                           The rare shot above is via the State Library of South Australia collection and shows an
                                           Airco D.H.9 which was written off by a gale after a forced landing at Pt. Pirie, SA on
                                           17 March 1938.  It began its civilian life in Sydney in 1925, registered to Horace Clive
                                           Miller, who later established MacRobertson Miller Aviation Co at Parafield, SA, with
                                           the financial backing of Sir Macpherson Robinson, Australia's most successful  chocolate
                                           manufacturer.    G-AUEU was possibly Horrie Miller's first aircraft.   He was a shy modest
                                           character who quietly built up intra-state South Australia services out of Parafield.  In 1934
                                           when the government put the airmail contracts up for re-tendering for the Empire Air Mail
                                           scheme, to everyone's shock and horror he won the Perth-Daly Waters sector from
                                           Norman Brearley's pioneering Western Australian Airlines.    MMA was then based in Perth
                                           and Parafield until 1939 when the SA routes were taken over by Guinea Airways.  I am not
                                           sure if -UEU was used for commercial purposes in those early days.   Immediately below is
                                           an image from the Civil Aviation Historical Society (of Melbourne) archives, whilst the final
                                           two photos are both from the Horrie Miller collection via the National Library of Australia.
                                           The upper one was taken on a field in Mount Gambier, SA in December 1927, and the lower
                                           print depicts his DH9 at Broken Hill, NSW, a year earlier, outside Australian Air Service Ltd's
                                           hangar (too bad that the photographer did not move so that the white post did not obscure
                                           the rego).