G-AUEO  Avro 504K                                  (c/n  AAEC/4)


                                   Because of a shortage of the original Monosoupape engines, Avro redesigned the 504J to be
                                   adaptable for a variety of engines.  The resultant machine was the 504K.  This one had a 100 hp
                                   Sunbeam Dyak, although at least six different engines powered 504K models flying in Australia,
                                   including one with a Hispano-Suiza.  G-AUEO is seen here in this shot from the John Oxley
                                   Library. State Library of Queensland collection landing on a beach at Urangan, Queensland,
                                   circa 1928.   Although privately owned at the time (according to the register), it is sporting
                                   Queensland Air Navigation Ltd titling.    It crashed at Kalbar, Qld in February 1929 and
                                   appears never to have been registered after that, although the remains went through several
                                   ownership changes, and as late as 1937 was listed as being owned by a C.W. Smallwood of
                                   Lismore, NSW.