G-AUEN   Avro 504K                         (c/n    ?)

                                            The burnt out wreck of  Avro 504K G-AUEN (ex H1973) at Maylands on 21 October 1926.
                                            {Photo from the Frank Colquhoun collection.          This ex RAF aircraft (H1973) was initially
                                            allocated the rego G-AUCI  for H.J. Butler and R.A. Kauper of Adelaide but was never 
                                            civilianized and officially registered as such.      It was later made airworthy at Maylands Aero-
                                            drome, Perth  and registered G-AUEN in May 1924 for owner Mr. F.J.Barnes of Cunderdin.
                                            WA.   His plans for a barnstorming career were unsuccessful and in 1926 he sold the Avro to
                                            Perth businessman Mr. A.G.Simpson who operated as Air Transport Ltd.   Barnes was employ-
                                            ed as an engineer and on 21 October 1926 Air Transport's commercial pilot Patrick Lynch-Blosse
                                            was testing the aircraft when the propeller struck and killed Barnes. The engine burst into flames
                                            and the aircraft was burnt out.