G-AUEI  de Havilland D.H.50A                                 (c/n 129)


                                        This was one of three DH50As operated by Larkin Aircraft Supply Co of Melbourne (LASCO)
                                        on their air mail contract between Melbourne and Adelaide.     This one was named 'Lyre Bird".
                                        (The other two were G-AUEJ "Wattle Bird" and G-AUEK "Bellbird").  G-AUEI flew the first
                                        passenger route between Broken Hill and Mildura 18 August 1925, the flight being piloted by A.H.
                                        Affleck.    The DH50s were later augmented by the larger ANEC III machines and the operation 
                                        renamed under the Australian Aerial Services Ltd corporate structure.    The rare shot above of
                                        'Lyre Bird" is via Ian Mackenzie and is from the collection of his father, the late Daryl Mackenzie
                                        G-AUEI was transferred to AAS in 1932 and re-registered VH-UEI.     Immediately below are
                                         two photos from the CAHS arvhives showing -UEI on floats, probably at Coode Island, date not
                                         known.  Following that is a shot, circa 1928, from Kevin OReilly of Nhill given to him by a lady
                                         from Mildura (she's the child in front of Lyre Bird) whose father (presumably the gentleman in the
                                         hat) was about to embark on the machine for a flight to Griffith.  Note Sopwith Antelope G-AUSS
                                         in rear.  The images at the foot of the page are from the Harold Shelton collection (owner of the
                                         aircraft at that time) showing (upper) the machine as VH-UEI and, finally a photo of it following its
                                         last landing at the Stawell (Victoria) Race Course   As late as 1939 documentation indicates the
                                         remains of -UEI were acquired by a Mr. H. R. Beeston of Coode Island, Melbourne and the
                                         metal parts of it, at least, were used in the restoration of VH-UEM.