G-AUDP  Sopwith Dove                        (c/n  W/) 3004/6)


                                            10 Sopwith Doves were built.  Of these, 6 were exported to Australia, and of these only three
                                            actually made it onto the Australian civil register.      (I assume the others were used by Larkin
                                            Supply Co as spares).   The registered machines were G-EAJI which became VH-UDN
                                                                                                             .                 G-EAJJ     "           "    VH-UJJ
                                                                                                                               G-EAKH  "           "     VH-UKH
                                           All three of them appear under their respective regos in this collection.   A fourth, the subject of this
                                           entry, was G-EAKT and was sold to Mr. A.L. Long of Hobart, Tasmania and was to have become
                                           G-AUDP.  .  Unfortunately this aircraft crashed  in the U.K. before it could be delivered.    Now the
                                           question is: was it painted up as G-AUDP at the time, or was it still carrying G-EAKT?  (Probably
                                           the latter).   Anyway, the file photo above is merely for completeness sake.