G-AUDM  Avro 504K                                                (c/n  AAEC/D8)


                                        The photo above, from the State Library of New South Wales collection, shows this ancient Avro
                                        on the Brewarinna Road at Walget NSW, circa 1921.      It was registered to A.D. Reid of Taree,
                                        NSW at  the time, and was probably used for barnstorming and giving locals in outback NSW
                                        aeroplane rides.    In 1923 it was acquired by J.H.A.Treacey of Sydney, dba Aero Advertising.
                                        A newspaper cutting, accompanied by the photo, gleaned from the 19 September issue of the
                                        Brisbane Courier by Grame Parsons was captioned"
                                            CAPTAIN TREACY'S AEROPLANE "BOGGED" AT ASCOT RACECOURSE.
                                            When arriving at Brisbane at dusk on Monday evening Captain Treacy was forced to
                                             make an emergency landing, and the machine came down in the middle of a swamp.
                                             The propeller was broken".
                                        In 1924 -UDM went to a small company known as Australian Air Lines and Brokerage Co Ltd in
                                        Brisbane.   When its Certificate of Registration came up for renewal in 1926 it was allowed to lapse.