G-AUDF Bristol Tourer Coupe                            (c/n  6108)


                                           This is thought to be G-AUDF although the State Library of WA, from whose archives this image
                                           comes, does not overtly identify it.     The rationale is this:     WA Airways, of Perth, acquired six
                                           of these Bristol Tourers in November 1921 with which to commence service in December of that
                                           year along the Indian Ocean coast of the vast state, and G-AUDF was the first, so probably had a
                                           plethora of publicity and 'action' shots taken of it.  It was ex G-EAXK.  In the shot above it is being
                                           refueled at Carnarvon, WA in 1922.  The Tourer Coupe appears more definitively in the background
                                           of the image of G-AUDJ below.   The elongated exhaust stack running along the fuselage side, how-
                                           ever, makes the rego to appear as G-AUBF.    This aircraft was destroyed by a fire at Onslow, WA
                                           on 27 January 1925.          At the foot of the page is a picture (unearthed by Graeme Parsons) which
                                           appeared in The Western Mail for 5 February 1925 showing the gutted remains at Onslow.