G-AUDE  Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8                    (c/n  69)


                                     Eight of these World War I army co-operation machines were civilly registered after the war.
                                     This one was originally owned by Simpson and Tregilles Aicraft and Transport Co of Perth and
                                     was registered in August 1921.  In 1922 it was sold to the embryo Queensland and Northern
                                     Territory Aerial Services Ltd (later to become Qantas) where it, along with one other F.K.8
                                     were part of a mixed fleet of leased aircraft and used on services between Charleville and Clon-
                                     cury carrying both mail and passengers.  The photo above is from the CAHS archives whilst that
                                     below, from the Geoff Goodall collection shows it at Bruce Rock, WA prior to being operated by
                                     Qantas.   The title on the rudder says "Overland'.        . G-AUDE sustained serious damage in a
                                     forced landing near Blackall, Queensland in September 1923, and was dismantled and burnt two
                                     months later.  Qantas records indicate that it was considered "useless".