G-AUCY   Avro 504K                                    (c/n   [H7499])


                                              These three images all come from the South Australia Air Museum archives.    Unfortunately the
                                              shot immediately below is not focused enough and I cannot ascertain whether the 490 quid is the
                                              price of the aircraft itself, or the cost of a ticket some place, particularly since I can discern that
                                              the script under the pound value states 'Book Here".   Alternatively, it could be for some completely
                                              different asset or purpose.    G-AUCY was originally registered to Mr. K R M  Farmer of Malvern,
                                              Victoria (a suburb of Melbourne) in June 1921.  A joint owner in 1923 was a W F E Smith in whose
                                              name it was registered when it crashed at Burra, South Australia in 1925.    The image at the foot of
                                              the page probably depicts the result of this accident.