G-AUCU  Curtiss Seagull                                           (c/n   MF419/28)


                                      This image is courtesy of the State Library of South Australia collection and depicts this ancient
                                      flying boat being pushed through the shallows off the beach at Henley Beach, S.A. circa 1923. 
                                      This, and another Seagull, G-AUCV  evidently came into Australia in 1921 and were registered
                                      to the Aerial Company of Sydney.   There appear to have been two co-owners of this concern,
                                      one of whom was Horace Clive Miller who later established MacRobertson Miller Aviation Co
                                      at Adelaide's Parafield, with the financial backing of Sir Macpherson Robinson, Australia's most
                                      successful chocolate manufacturer.   I am not sure if Miller used -UCU for commercial purposes.
                                      In the event its Certificate of Registration lapsed in 1925 and was never renewed.