VH-UCK    Sopwith Pup

                                     The Pup G-AUCK was acquired in June 1921 by C.D. Pratt, t/a Geelong Air Service and operated
                                     from Belmont Common Airport.    Its last flight was recorded on 24 June 1923 and it was then laid up
                                     until 1942 when its CofA was renewed.  In the meantime it had become VH-UCK and in 1938 had
                                     had a 65 hp Genet Mk II installed.      It was sold to W. Stillard of Deniliquin, NSW in December
                                    1943 and flew until September 1945 when it was withdrawn from use and burned.   The two photos
                                     in this entry are from the McKenzie Family collection, via Kevin OReilly.  The shot above was in the
                                     early 1940s at Belmont Common while the image below shows it as G-AUCK during the Geelong
                                     'Gala Days' in 1922.