G-AUCE   Avro 504K                               (c/n  AAEC/6)


                                          The caption on this image, from the E.W. Searle collection (via the National Library of Australia)
                                          identifies this 504K as being G-AUCE 'flying over two parked aircraft' in 1920. Location not given,
                                          although probably Mascot, since this aircraft was one of several 504Ks reworked by the Australian
                                          Aircraft & Engineering Company whose works was at that airfield.  As such it carries an AAEC c/n.
                                          Like many of these old library shots, I think the date may be a year off since -UCE was not officially
                                          registered until 28 June 1921.      Its C of A lapsed two years later in June of 1923 and was never
                                          renewed.  ..   .