G-AUCD  Avro 504K                           (c/n  AAEC/5)


                                      This 504K was assembled by the Australian Aircraft & Engineering Company at Mascot in 1921,
                                      hence the 'AAEC' c/n.   The above image, from the State Library of New South Wales collection
                                      indicates that this shot was taken at Walgett, NSW in November 1921 and that the aircraft was
                                      being flown by a Capt. Wilson at the time.   Just love those hats!         The photo below, from the
                                      Norman Ellison collection, (via the NLA) shows -UCD on the beach at Yarra Bay Sydney, circa
                                      1922, possibly flown at the time by Nigel Love.    Drew quite a crowd, didn't it?      (My records
                                      show that its only ownership was that of the manufacturer, AAEC,  from its being granted CofA
                                      No 4 on 28 June 1921 until  its CofR lapsed in June of 1923).