G-AUBW    Airco D.H.6                                               (c/n  [  C9374]  )


The above shot is from the Frank Walters collection (via Geoff Goodall) and was taken at Coode
                                        Island in 1921.   The rough aerial image below is via the 
Civil Aviation Historical Society.                                            
                                        G-AUBW was first registered in June 1921 to William Robinson (Aeroplanes) Ltd of Grafton,
                                        NSW.   Its CofA lapsed in June of 1922 but, notwithstanding that, it was used in the summer of
                                        1922/23 (with no current CofA) by T.H. Barkell of Sydney who gave joy rides over Cronulla
                                        during the Christmas holidays.  On New Year's Eve of 1922 it crashed into a fence and was
                                        written off.