G-AUBQ  Avro 504K                                         (c/n  Unknown)


                                           This is a totally counterfeit photograph for this entry, but I am including it as G-AUBQ for complete-
                                           ness sake in this section of VH-Us.         It is remotely possible that this aircraft was, in fact, -UBQ
                                           although this shot was taken at Casino, NSW, whereas the 'real' -UBQ was a WW I surplus Avro
                                           (serial number thought to be N1915) to have been registered to the Diggers Co-operative Aviation
                                           Co of Wellington, NSW (near Dubbo) in 1931.           In the event the aircraft was written off in an
                                           accident at Cowra, NSW on 18 July 1921 before its Certificate of Registration could be could be
                                           issued.     It is, therefore, quite possible that the actual registration G-AUBQ was never painted on
                                           the aircraft.