G-AUBM  Avro 504K

                                          ------------   Photo Not Available ------------


                                    This aircraft crashed before it could be registered.  Now, those of you who read my
                                    narratives know that I used to work for the Department of Civil Aviation in Little Collins
                                    Street, Melbourne.  When I first transcribed the Australian Civil Aircraft Register initially,
                                    sixty years ago, I had this 504K listed as ex A2486.       Several later historians have it
                                    recorded as H2486.   However, that latter machine was destroyed in a ground collision
                                    with another 504K, H9718  at Abu Sueir, Egypt in October 1927, long after the potential
                                    G-AUBM would have demised.    So, possibly the hand-written entry in the DCA ledger
                                    was deciphered differently by myself and A2486 (if that was, indeed, an Avro 504K) was
                                    correct.   In any event, as stated, the aircraft never did receive a civil CofA and possibly a
                                    photo of it was never taken.