G-AUBJ  Avro 504K                               (c/n   AAEC/5)


                                    The narrative from this 1926 John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland image indicates that
                                    the Avro was being loaded onto a boat to be taken to Bribie Island after crashing into the soft sand
                                    at Kings Beach (Caloundra).  It was felt that the firmer sand on Bribie Island would be more suitable
                                    for a takeoff.  Many locals helped with the rescue of the plane and its subsequent trip to Bribie Island
                                    where Captain Tracey made a successful takeoff.   Looks highly unstable to yours truly, but the exp-
                                    edition evidently worked!    G-AUBJ was an Australian Aircraft & Engineering Company produced
                                    504K first registered in Sydney in 1921.  It was sold in Queensland in 1924.    Its registration lapsed
                                    in 1928 and it was struck off the register on 20 February of that year.           The photo below, from
                                    Exxon Mobil archives, (via Wally Civitico) shows Treacy in the cockpit of the Avro with a handy can
                                    of 'Plume' Aviation Motor Spirit nearby.    This shot would pre-date the one above, since the aircraft
                                    has a 100 hp Sunbeam Dyak up front, whereas in the print above, it shows it with the Hispano-Suiza
                                    engine which was installed in March 1926.