G-AUBG    Avro 504K                                  (c/n  AAEC/D1)


                                       The Australian Aircraft and Engineering Company was established in 1919 by H. E. Broadsmith
                                       and N. Love and was Australia's first aircraft manufacturing concern.    Broadsmith and Professor
                                       Warren of Sydney University, performed studies to determine the suitability of Australian timbers
                                       for the manufacture of aircraft and came to the conclusion that mountain ash was probably the
                                       best material.  A licence agreement was reached with the A.V. Roe Company to produce the
                                       504K in Australia.    In 1920/21 six 504Ks were produced for the embryo RAAF and seven were
                                       built for civilian market, the first of which is seen above in this Qantas photo (from the John Hopton
                                       collection).  G-AUBG was delivered to Qantas in June of 1921.    It was sold in 1926 to a private
                                       owner in Victoria, but by 1931 had been re-engined with a 120 hp Airdisco, re-registered VH-UBG
                                       and owned by F.A. Silverthorne and M.Condie.  These individuals were trading as Newcastle Air
                                       Services and -UBG was named 'Newcastle's Own'.   Its Certificate of Registration lapsed in April
                                       1932 and it was struck off the register.