G-AUAG  de Havilland D.H.60 Moth                     (c/n  244)


                                        This excerpt was gleaned from the Melbourne Argus for 21 August 1926 by Graeme Parsons
                                        who suggests (and I concur) that the third aeroplane on the right is G-AUAG.  The close up from
                                        this ancient newspaper print (below) lends substance to this theory.   This historic shot depicts a
                                        line up of machines of the Australian Aero Club during their opening display.  G-AUAG was one
                                        of  half a dozen Moths assigned to the Victorian Section of the national club.         Note D.H.51
                                        Humming Bird G-AUAC in foreground..       G-AUAG continued to fly with the Aero Club until
                                        21 July 1934 when it crashed at Ballarat, and was written off.