VH-UAB/G-AUAB   de Havilland D.H.50A                                 (c/n  106)


                                     Oddly, many photos of -UAB have become available over the years.  The above is a very nice one
                                     from the Reddall collection of the AHSA (NSW) archives, via Geoff Goodall, and shows the aircraft
                                     at Mascot in 1932.     The image below of the D.H.50 as G-AUAB also via Geoff, shows it at Brins-
                                     mead Centre, Wyndham, WA in November 1924.            
First registered in July 1924 to the Civil
                                     Aviation Branch, Dept of Defence, it was transferred  to the RAAF in May 1931 as A10-1.  A year
                                     later it was declared surplus and rejoined the civil  register, being sold to O.B. 'Pat' Hall, H.G Purvis
                                     and J.T. Pethybridge of Sydney.        By 1935 it had been acquired by Sir Charles Kingsford Smith
                                     who named it 'Southern Cross Midget' as seen in photo No 3 below from the archives of the Civil
                                     Aviation Historical Society of South Australia.  In photo No 4, from Ross Stenhouse collection, it is
                                     seen in reverse livery outside the Victorian Flying Club hangar, probably circa 1932.   Finally, at the
                                     foot of the page, it can be barely discerned as G-AUAB to the right of  G-AUAA as part of a line up
                                     Civil Air Branch machines, circa 1924.     When WW II came along the poor old thing was again im-
                                     pressed into the RAAF late in 1942 as A10-1 again but was mercifully struck off charge six months